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  • CGI - A description of how Xitami/5's CGI support should work.
  • Xitami 5 - This is a work in progress that describes some main features of the emerging Xitami/5 development.

Main features request for Xitami/5

(Taken from Xitami list discussion)

  • Easy to use CGI
  • Virtual hosts
  • Stability on Windows Vista and later
  • Extensibilty to ASP, PHP, MySQL
  • CGI output via files as well as streams
  • Automatic detection of non-parsed headers
  • Automatic detection of executable (uri/filename without .exe)
  • Cascading config files (default, server, vhost)
  • Native gzip encoding
  • Integration as win32 service (esp. for XP)
  • True PHP implementation and support
  • CGI I/O no-lock read of multipart/form-data (see email thread for details)
  • URL Mod Rewrite integration
  • Full SSI support
  • 32bit/64bit windows versions
  • Remove FTP server (or rather, don't re-implement it)
  • Individual virtual domain admin control
  • Integrate server side 301/302/304 redirect capability
  • Extended CLF logging as default
  • Encrypt .aut file passwords
  • Integrated SessionID into server
  • Automatic detection/parsing of session user cookies (as $ENV_COOKIE?)
  • LRWP support

About Xitami/5

We've started on a new version of Xitami, which will be called Xitami/5. (Versions 3 and 4 were started, and dropped, internally.)

It'll be a while before this becomes a polished stand-alone product, and that will only happen if people ask for it and help make it so. Our main reason for restarting this concept is that we need a small, tough server as the front-end for new web services we're making.

Xitami/5 will remind you a lot of Xitami: compact, efficient, and easy to configure. It's meant above all to be scalable on multicore boxes, secure (it will have SSL support), and unhackable. It will run on most OSes but we're not going to spend time making nice Win32 front-ends. It will run without ever crashing.

What is this site for?

I started this site in February 2008 as a new home for the Xitami website and documentation. Xitami.com has become abandoned over time, and I regularly get emails from people asking "why?" The bad answer is, I don't have time any more. The good answer is, I've now made space for the Xitami user community to get involved. — Pieter Hintjens, 7 Feb 2008

So, this is your wiki. Edit any page you want to.

What happened to the Xitami doc?

It moved here: http://legacy.imatix.com/html/xitami/index.htm

Where are the email list archives?

There are here: http://lists.xitami.org/pipermail/xitami/

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Security Advisory / Format String bugs

Multiple format string vulnerabilities have been found in Xitami Web Server. See bugs

Two copies

Two copies of Xitami on one machine, second copy suspends itself. See TwoCopies